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Meet Our Alumni

"ROTC was the best decision I ever made for my college and military career. With all of the resources available, I was able to graduate summa cum laude with my degree debt free, commission into my branch of choice, purchase my first home, and build a nurturing community of teachers, cadre, and peers. Being an active member in the Oregon Army National Guard and ROTC compounded the benefits because I was able to apply lessons learned in real time with my Army unit which lead to innovative ideas and improved training. Make no mistake, the OSU Army ROTC program was demanding - physically, mentally, and socially - but now as a 2LT, I can appreciate the hardships because they forged the cadets into becoming quality leaders. I’m so grateful for the cadre and staff that dedicated so many years of their life to developing the best cadets possible." - 2LT Bailey Breving



"Being a part of the Beaver Battalion is one of the many reasons I am so glad I chose to go to OSU. Moving across the country to attend a school where I knew no one was incredibly intimidating, but the friends I made on my first day of PT are now some of my best friends several years later. OSU ROTC pushed my peers and me to never settle for less than