Position Name Phone Email
Professor of Military Science LTC Kevin Consedine 541-737-6903 kevin.consedine@oregonstate.edu
Senior Military Science Instructor MSG Adam Nin 541-737-8987 adam.nin@oregonstate.edu
Assistant Professor of Military Science  MAJ William Boisvert 541-737-6905 william.boisvert@oregonstate.edu
Assistant Professor of Military Science MAJ Joseph Snyder 541-737-6909 joseph.snyder@oregonstate.edu
Assistant Professor of Military Science MAJ Joel Springstead (WOU) 541-838-8353 springsteadj@mail.wou.edu
Assistant Professor of Military Science CPT Paul Brown (Cascades) 541-330-4397 paul.brown@oregonstate.edu
Operations NCO SFC Erik Adams 541-737-4731 erik.adams@oregonstate.edu
Operations NCO SFC Jonathan Yard 541-737-4698 jonathan.yard@oregonstate.edu
Recruiting Operations Officer Mr. Roy Susuico 541-737-6904 roy.susuico@oregonstate.edu
Human Resource Technician Ms. Jennifer Owen 541-737-6902 jennifer.owen@oregonstate.edu
Admin Specialist (Main office number) Ms. Cindy Rossi 541-737-3511 cindy.rossi@oregonstate.edu
Supply Technician Mr. Steven Berry 541-737-6912 steven.berry@oregonstate.edu
Senior Military Instructor Mr. John Mayer 541-737-6901 john.mayer@oregonstate.edu